Individual Sessions 

These sessions will include 60 minutes of individual work with you and your dog(s) in our facility.  No individual sessions will be conducted on Sundays and occasionally a session can be scheduled on a Saturday for an existing client. All sessions will be held in our training facility.


Individual Sessions are designed for:

Dogs who are reactive to people and other dogs, dogs who are timid and insecure, dogs who are overly stimulated when in public, people who prefer to work individually rather than in a group format, and people who may need a quick refresher on training a dog.  In an individual session, you are paying for my time and knowledge to instruct and guide you with any issues you may be having with your dog.  

Before starting individual sessions, an EVALUATION needs to be scheduled.  During the evaluation, I will assess your dog and visit with you to see what your concerns are, how your dogs responds to things, and give you an idea on what I think is the best path to go down with your dog.  No contract or commitment required.  Schedule your sessions as needed.

Fee:  $25 per session (payable in cash, check or plastic at time of session)

For more information or to sign up, contact Amy by email, FB messenger or 660-281-3791

*New Fee Schedule Starting in 2020

     Individual Session Option #1:  schedule and pay for one session at a time, $25

     Individual Session Option #2:  pay for five sessions in advance, $100

     Initial Evaluation: $25